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About our kindergarden in english




Paks is situated at the bank of the river Danube, in the southern part of Hungary in the Transdanubian region with 25000 inhabitants. It is 100 km from Budapest.
Life is quiet and peaceful here. There are only few noise or pollution. There are two part
s of the town. Our kindergarten is in the new part of Paks, next to the sport hall, the skating rink and the park.


Our neighbourhood

There are lot of sport possibilitys, for example football  fields, sport hall, that we can visit three times a week.

The building of our kindergarten is modern and well-equipped. Every group has separated lavatory and changing-room.

The weekdays



We improve the children’s creativity with plasticine, origami, painting, drawing etc.


We often bake cakes with the children.


Our yard is big enough for the children’s games. There is a huge green area for ballgames, and they can sledge in winter.
The size of the garden is ideal of the children’s movements.



Life in our kindergarten


The title of our educational program is:
„Education in the kindergarten with games and tales.”
In our pedagogy is important the movement-improving activities.


Two times a week the children can take part in medical physical trainings, folkdance, swimming courses.


In every year we organize trips by bicycle and by bus. We stay in the near countryside of the kindergarten, because the children get  to know the natural beauty.



Environmental education is one of main roles in our days.
Since 2007 there are selective rubbish containers in our garden, so the children can collect the plastic and paper rubbish selective.
In addition, they get to know environmental protection possibilities in the framework of games. They have a special workbook, too.






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